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Bethlehem Emergency Response Team responds to scene following shooting

Published On: Apr 22 2013 06:44:36 PM EDT   Updated On: Apr 23 2013 05:29:51 AM EDT

ERT team responds following shooting


Bethlehem Police swarmed the city's Marvine-Pembroke public housing project after a man was shot multiple times there Monday afternoon.

Armed tactical teams surrounded a home for an hour and a half, but the shooting suspects were not inside.

Neighbors along Fritz Drive didn't know why there was such a heavy police presence.


"We're trying to find out ourselves, really," said Dana Burton. "We don't know."

"I was asleep," added Julia Jenkins. "I don't know; I just came outside."

It all started a few blocks away at Marvine and Fairmount, where a man was shot multiple times just after 5:30 p.m.

"He had blood all over his shirt from a gunshot wound," said Delonzo Strickland, who saw the victim moments after the shooting. "He tried to get up and then he fell back down."

Within minutes, cops descended on Fritz Drive, surrounding one house.

"We had information that the shooting suspects may have been in a residence here on Fritz Drive," said Bethlehem Police Chief Jason Schiffer.

But after officers entered the home around 7:30 p.m., they found no one inside. Schiffer said he believes the residents know the suspected shooters, but are not involved. He said they are cooperating with investigators.

Meantime, both shooters are still on the loose. Schiffer tried to reassure neighbors.

"The area that we had information that they might be, they're not in, so we have no indication that there's any immediate threat in this area," he said.

Some are rattled, though.

"This area-- you get crime all the time," said Strickland. "Someone's got to stop this stuff."

Police aren't releasing the shooting victim's name, and there's no word on how serious his injuries are.

As of Monday evening, Schiffer said the victim was being treated at St. Luke's Hospital.