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Area schools vary on statewide report card

Published On: Mar 20 2013 08:00:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Mar 21 2013 02:24:05 PM EDT

Area schools vary on statewide report card

Schools across Pennsylvania have been given a report card of sorts from Penn-CAN,  a nonprofit group based in Philadelphia, which advocates education reform.

So how did schools in our area do? The answer is not so good.

According to the report, only one district in our area had a grade to be proud of and that was Parkland.


But according to this report, for Allentown and Bethlehem school districts there's much needed work to be done.

The Pennsylvania Campaign for Achievement Now or PennCAN sent out grades for every public school in the state that would be over 3,000.

The grades, much like in a student's school report card, range from A to F and were determined by PSSAs from the 2011-2012 school year.

Schools were graded in five areas including: student performance in reading and in math, subgroup performance among minority and low-income students
as well as graduation rates for students who entered the ninth grade in 2007.

Among area high schools, Parkland School District ranked 33 out of 490 and received a grade of B minus overall.

Parkland's middle schools also did well and ranked in the top 20 with an A.

But it's not the same news for the high schools in the Allentown or Bethlehem school districts.

Allentown ranked 486 out of 490, receiving an F overall.

Bethlehem isn't too far behind, ranking in at 377 with a D.

PennCAN was launched in May of last year and this is the first year such report cards have been issued.

We placed a call to the Allentown School District Wednesday night and were told they'll have to review the report before commenting and can issue a response sometime Thursday.

See how your school district fared.