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69 News viewers react to judge's decision in 'bad grade' lawsuit

Published On: Feb 15 2013 09:38:04 AM EST   Updated On: Feb 15 2013 09:41:58 AM EST

A judge Thursday ruled against a woman who filed a lawsuit against Lehigh University over a bad grade.

69 News viewers have been commenting in droves over a judge's decision yesterday against the woman who claimed Lehigh University wronged her with a C-plus grade in one of her courses.

Megan Thode said the grade cost her a chance to become a licensed therapist, and she said that cost her more than $1 million in future earnings.

The "plaintiff [Thode] failed to establish that the university based the awarded grade of C+ on anything other than purely academic reasons," the judge said in his ruling.


Viewer comments posted on and 69 News social media pages have been overwhelmingly in favor of the judge's decision.

Scott Daw wrote: "Seriously 1.3 million because of a bad grade. It should have been turned down before it got that far. Talk about frivolous law suites. Retake the class, pay attention this time around and take notes!"

Timothy Olewine Karen Heminitz posted: "That is crazy and I agree that it was a waste of time and money for the University. Nonsense like that makes tuition higher for everyone else that has to pay. She should be thankful that her tuition was free from her father working there and that it wouldn't have cost her any more to retake the course if she needed to."

Jeff Bonner wrote: "This is an example of why we need to modify the legal system into a 'loser pays' the costs of the other party's legal bills. This will cut down the number of ridiculous lawsuits that clogged up courts and cost individuals and businesses money in having to defend against these types of suits"

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