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4 Lehigh Valley men arrested in connection with Connecticut jewelry store heist

Published On: May 23 2013 10:46:42 PM EDT   Updated On: May 24 2013 10:19:58 PM EDT

Local men arrested in Connecticut jewel robbery


A multi-million dollar kidnapping and jewel heist in Connecticut has led investigators to the Lehigh Valley. 

Now, four local men are behind bars, and investigators may be looking at links to other robberies.

It was an elaborate kidnapping with a multi-million dollar payout in jewelry and diamonds.


"It's almost something like you see on TV," said Jason Takacs.

Investigators said the four Lehigh Valley men and a New Yorker pulled off the heist in Connecticut six weeks ago, in April.  Timothy Forbes, William Davis and Jeffrey Houston, all of Allentown, and Kasam Hennix, from Easton, are all behind bars.

"They came into Connecticut, did surveillance, committed a crime and then go back to Pennsylvania thinking that our jurisdictional boundaries are going to prevent us from prosecuting," said Chief Gary MacNamara, Fairfield (Conn.) Police Dept.

According to authorities, the suspects broke into a Connecticut apartment and used pillow cases and duct tape to bind four people.  Investigators said the masked and armed men kidnapped two jewelry store employees, and used them to steal more then $4 million worth of watches, jewelry and loose diamonds.

“Thank God everybody’s fine," added one of the victims.  "The problem is this wasn’t a robbery that lasted a few minutes, in and out this went on for over two hours.” 

The feds said police searched 25-year-old William Davis's Allentown apartment and found $60,000 in jewelry and high-end watches.

"It's pretty unbelievable," explained Takacs. "Something like that can happen right next door to you and never even know it."

Timothy Forbes, 31, has been behind bars since last week for his alleged role in a 2012 jewelry store robbery in York County, where the owner was shot three times.

The Connecticut heist mirrors two local unsolved home invasion and jewelry store robberies in Lehigh County and Chester County.  The U.S. Attorney's office said the investigation is on-going.

All five suspects face federal kidnapping, robbery and firearms charges in connection with the crime in Connecticut.