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2 East Penn School Board members come under fire

Published On: Apr 09 2013 07:38:20 AM EDT

Two conservative members of the East Penn School District Board of Directors – Lynn Donches and Julian Stoltz - both came under fire by other board members, parents and district residents.

Donches tabled a motion that would have bid out all the professional services for the district after being criticized for not truly thinking out the ramifications of her proposal.

Saying the proposal would “cause undue harm” to the district, President Charles Ballard said that “no businessman in his right mind” would propose a measure like Donches offered.


“This motion seems ill-thought out,” said Vice President Alan Earnshaw.

Donches noted that she wanted to make sure the district was getting the “best value” for their professional services contracts that include engineering, architectural, legal and medical services.

Initially Donches re-worded her motion which only added to the confusion of her agenda and all but doomed its passage. It was conservative counterpart Stoltz - who had initially seconded the measure for its appearance on Monday night’s agenda – who suggested Donches table the motion, which she did moments later.

Stoltz was not immune on this night from being on the receiving end of his own blistering verbal attack from parents and district residents for his “deeply offensive comments” as put by one district resident, Hillary Smith, during the public comment portion of the evening.

The Republican school board member seconded comments on his Twitter account originally made by Todd Kincannon, the former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party, when he wrote “there is nothing more brain rotting than public schools. God I pity the proletariat for having to send their inferior crotchfruit to them.”

The endorsement by Stoltz fueled a wave of discontent Monday night. Parents and district residents asked the board to discipline Stoltz for what they considered were his “highly offensive comments."

School district resident Byron Crudup said Stoltz’s comments show a “lack of integrity” and that anointing children with such a derogatory terms made him unfit to hold his position as a school board director.

“A mere apology doesn’t cut it,” Crudup said at one point to Stoltz directly.

“His statements violate the moral standard of the community,” noted Smith in her comments about Stoltz.

Stoltz did not respond to any of the comments Monday night. No board member offered comments on Stoltz either during the meeting.