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Kutztown to allow guns on some parts of campus

Published On: May 09 2013 08:00:00 PM EDT   Updated On: May 10 2013 05:50:41 AM EDT

Kutztown gun policy change


Kutztown University no longer completely bans guns on campus.

The president of the university told students Thursday night about the newly-revised weapons policy.

The spokesperson for the university says the revision has nothing to do with recent violence on campus.  He said KU is a state school and has to follow state laws.


It's a week before finals at Kutztown University and students are enjoying a peaceful stroll to the library to study.  But they're talking about the changes to the complete campus ban on weapons.

"I heard that students are now allowed to carry weapons around on campus and in my actual activist writing media class and as you can imagine activism crew people weren't happy," said sophomore Julia Wise.

Matt Santos, director of Kutztown University Relations, explained the policy update.

"Fell in line with the second amendment for individuals to be able to legally carry firearms," said Santo.

"However we made it very clear that firearms are not permitted in any university buildings, classrooms, dormitories, residence halls, at university events," Santo added.

There won't be guns at graduation next week inside the field house but anyone who has a concealed weapons permit in PA can carry it outside.

The campus leader for students for concealed carry says he would like the policy to go further.

"I want to be able to respond to an assailant who wants to stab me, harm me, mug me, take whatever I have or assault any of my classmates here," said Robert Fallstich, the campus leader for Students for Concealed Carry.

But not every student feels the same way.

"We also should protect our rights but at the same time do you really need it?" asked Waskar Paulino.  "Is it really a necessity on campus?  I thought we were all here to study. I thought we were here to have fun. These are four best years of our lives -- why make it worse by bringing a gun and scaring someone else?"

"That's their prerogative if they don't wan to defend themselves but their choice to not to be able to defend themselves shouldn't reflect on my ability to be able to defend myself," said Fallstich.

KU says it made the change to comply with state law and the Second Amendment of the Constitution on the recommendation of state lawyers.