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Man makes bomb threat over misspelled sign

Published On: May 31 2013 11:24:29 AM EDT   Updated On: May 31 2013 11:04:48 AM EDT
Man in handcuffs, white collar crime


A man becomes outraged after noticing that a sign outside an office building was missing a single letter.

After Leonard Burdek, 50, of Salem, Ore., noticed a sign that read, "Teacher Standards an Practices Commission," he entered the office with a homemade pressure-cooker bomb and said he'd tried to blow up the sign. The bomb didn't detonate because, according to Burdek, America's educational system is so bad that he couldn't understand the error-laden bomb-making instructions on the Internet.

Burdek left with the device after employees dialed 911. He was arrested an hour later on disorderly conduct charges. Police found that the "bomb" was so poorly made, it could not have been detonated.


The receptionist at the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission said she didn’t know what happened to the sign, but said it’s possible that someone simply scraped the letter off or it wore off over time.