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Nutritionist: Take it slow when detoxing from the holidays

Published On: Dec 27 2012 05:23:22 PM EST   Updated On: Dec 27 2012 05:28:44 PM EST

You did it again. You overindulged on Christmas with too many sweets and treats.

You did it again. You overindulged on Christmas with too many sweets and treats.

But never fear, one tip on detoxing from all that holiday cheer is to ease yourself back into your normal, healthy routine.

If you try to go cold turkey from all the snacks, you could end up doing a lot of binge eating, said one nutritionist.


Cookies, brownies, and a lot of other sugary foods are a Christmas staple. It's also easy to overdo it when watching the waistline.

"Those people don't come into see me until middle January when they realize they need to do something about it," said Judy Barkanic, a nutritionist at St. Luke's Hospital in Fountain Hill, Lehigh Co.

If you don't want to wait until January to come down from the sugar high of the holidays. here are some steps you can take to detox.

The first thing is fewer visits to "candy cane lane."

"I do tell them that they really should not avoid treats," added Barkanic. "Just two treats a week."

That change in eating habits, along with working out, can help shed the extra holiday pounds. Don't forget to cut back on the drinks, even on New Year's Eve.

"Five ounces of wine is 100 calories," said Barkanic. "One jigger of 100 percent proof of whiskey or alcohol is about 100 calories. So, four of those drinks, that's 400 calories. That's a lot of extra calories."

The one thing some people said they will overindulge in is the holiday decorations.

"When do we take them down? No earlier than the first day of the new year," said Donna Streletzky, a shopper in Bethlehem. "Technically, you're not supposed to take it down until the Epiphany, which is January 6."

A lot of people said they are going to keep decorations up until next year. Some said they will also wait until then to scale back on the food.