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Sunrise Chef: Sean Bruce

Published On: Feb 28 2014 10:54:06 AM EST   Updated On: Feb 28 2014 12:03:57 PM EST

Sunrise Chef Sean Bruce

If our Friday morning chef is anything like a bottle of fine wine -- he'll be a rock star of a chef when he grows up!  That's right-- he's only 14!  Sean Bruce is no stranger to cooking as his family has its own

He shared some of his recipes with our morning show crew who rushed to the set for a taste.

Chicken Breast with Alfredo sauce and pasta
1. Lightly coat the pan with olive oil (Salvatore Gourmet products) cook both sides for 9 minutes or till gold and brown on medium heat.
2. Heat some water in a pot for your pasta (angel hair) drain and put olive oil on so the pasta won’t stick together.
3. Put a jar of alfredo sauce in a sauce pan and heat on medium heat add some fresh bruschetta and stir.
4. While the chicken is cooking add balsamic vinegar (Tastealotta) on top of the chicken and around the outside of it. Also put cumin and cinnamon salt (Sabrosa salt co)on top of the chicken for nice flavor
5. Plate the dish and serve to guest


Wontons with hummus
1. Heat up your fryer to 350 degrees
2. Take one wonton and add a little bit of hummus ( )
3. Next add some cheve cheese and pinch up and add a little water on your fingers and touch the top of the wonton to close is.
4. Then when you have prepped all your wontons drop in basket and fry for 5-7 minutes or till gold and brown

Hummus pizza
1. Heat oven to 350 degrees
2. Take some pizza crust or flat bread and spread hummus on to it.
3. Then you will add your tomato sauce and some fresh veggies
4. Also add American cheese with a little black pepper on top
5. Cook till brown and then pull out let it sit for 5 minutes then serve