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Sunrise Chef: Steve DiDonato

Published On: Jan 25 2013 12:31:54 AM EST   Updated On: Jan 25 2013 04:54:04 PM EST

Sunrise Chef: Steve DiDonato

Chef Steve DiDonato of The Wooden Match in Bethlehem is cooking up some of his specialties for 69 News at Sunrise.  In addition to the food selection on its menu, The Wooden Match is known for its cigars recommendations (which you can smoke in the restaurant) with its foods.

Cuban sandwich
1 8 inch French bread loaf
4 slices Swiss cheese
7 oz smoked pulled pork
3 oz sliced ham
5 pickle slices
2 tablespoons yellow mustard
Slice French bread in half so there is a top and bottom. Lay two pieces of cheese on each side and place in oven to melt.
Heat pork and ham until 165 F.
Once meats are hot and cheese is melted start to assemble sandwich.
To assemble, place pickles slices on the bottom half of bread. Lay ham over pickles and even distribute the pork on top of the ham. Top with yellow mustard and finish by putting the remaining piece of bread on. Place on char grill top side down and press so grill marks are made.
Cut in half and serve with a pickle spear and side of chips.

1 10oz 80/20 ground beef burger patty
4 slices white bread
5 slices American cheese, divided
4 slices bacon, cooked
1 egg
3 oz butter, melted
Season burger patty with salt and pepper on both sides. Cook on a char grill to desired temperature.
While burger is cooking, In a large enough saute pan add melted butter and heat. Place white bread in pan and put a slice of American on each piece. Add two slices of bacon per grilled cheese sandwich. Once bread is golden brown on both sides, remove from pan.
Add the egg, break the yolk and cook 2-3 min on each side until firm.
Once burger is at desired temperature remove from heat and place remaining slice of American cheese on and melt.
To assemble sandwich, put one bacon grilled cheese on the plate. Then add the burger, top with the egg and cover with the remaining bacon grilled cheese and a pickle spear


Brussel's Mussels
12 New Zealand Mussels, halved
3 wedges of crusty bread- buttered
3 tbs. salted butter
1 bottle Trappist Belgian Ale
4 tbs. diced shallot
4 tbs. diced red pepper
2 cloves thin sliced garlic
fresh chopped Italian flat leaf Parsley
salt, pepper to taste
add additional Hungarian Paprika for color

Cooking Steps:
Place buttered bread on char broiler, to get grill marks and toasy
turn as necessary until marked and toasted on all sides
Place mussels meat side down in saute pan add butter cook two minutes in butter add shallots, red pepper, sliced garlic salt and pepper cook 1 minute
Add Belgian Ale or similar beer, let simmer for five minutes
Place around rim of bowl with all mussels facing same direction, pour broth over mussels
stack toast points in center of bowl garnish with fresh parsley and paprika