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Sunrise Chef: K. Heeps

Published On: Aug 09 2012 06:05:37 PM EDT   Updated On: Aug 10 2012 09:05:55 PM EDT

Sunrise Chefs: K. Heeps

The guys of K. Heeps Inc. stopped by 69 News at Sunrise to hone our grilling and teach us just how to pick the perfect steak.. among a few other tips. 

Q: What is the advantage of aged versus non-aged?
A: Aged steaks offer better, more concentrated flavor. When you age a steak you lose some of the water content, allowing the flavors to become more robust and pronounced. With a properly aged steak, it allows the consumer to be able to cut it with a serrated butter knife as opposed to a steak knife.

Q: What are the best cuts for Steaks?
A: that depends on what you are looking for in your steak. IF you want a nice flavorful juicy steak, go with a Delmonico. If you want a steak that is packed with flavor but not all the fat running through-out the steak,
then a Strip steak is your option. If you want a tender cut, with no fat,
then a filet is your pick.


Q: What are the best types of marinades for steaks?
A: It all really depends on what flavors you like. But the most important thing to keep in mind, use some sort of acid to help break the tissue structure down to optimize the tenderness. One of the most typical types of acids used in marinades is citrus.