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Sunrise Chef: John Warner

Published On: Jan 10 2013 05:56:19 PM EST   Updated On: Jan 18 2013 11:14:52 PM EST

Sunrise Chef: John Warner

Chef John Warner, executive chef at the Virginville Inn in Virginville, joined 69 News and treated our morning show crew with some of his delicious recipes.  Warner has 26 years of experience in the kitchen with 14 of those years serving as an executive chef.  The award-winning chef took over at the Virginville Inn last summer.  Warner's Black Forest Mushroom Soup (recipe below) took 2nd place at the Hamburg Iron Chef Competition last year.

Buffalo Chicken Dip
Mix together:
8 oz cream cheese
½ Cup of your favorite hot sauce
Then add:
½ Cup Ranch Dressing
¾ Cup Gorgonzola cheese (can substitute Bleu Cheese)
½ Cup Cooper shredded
12 oz Grilled chicken breast – shredded
Bake at 350 degrees or keep warm in crock pot
Garnish with - Sliced scallion
Served with - celery, carrots, tortilla dipping chips

Black Forest Mushroom Soup
(Yields 1 gallon)
1 Cup Dried onion
1 Gallon strong beef stock - canned stock can be used
4 oz Trumpet Mushrooms
8 oz cleaned coarsely chopped domestic mushrooms
Salt & pepper to taste
Cook all of the above ingredients then thicken with roux –
8 oz butter
8 oz flour
Garnish with Crème Fraiche –
Mix and let sit overnight
1 T. plain yogurt
1 tsp. honey
8 oz heavy cream


Surf & Turf Imperial
Imperial Mix
½ cup- green pepper
½ cup- red pepper
1 cup- chopped onion
1 T.- Butter
½ T. old Bay
Salt & Pepper to taste
Sautee all of the above ingredients then add
2 T flour
Cook for a minute, then add
2 Cup half & half
Cook till thick, add 5 slices diced bread (remove crust)
Remove from heat and cool, then fold in
2 Cup mayo
2 LB Crab
4 Each - 1 ½ lb live lobsters
Steam/ boil for 10 minutes
Cool and clean - splitting them in half –
Top with imperial mix, butter and season all, and bake for 15 minutes at 400 degrees
Turf -
4 Each - 6oz filet Mignon - grilled to your liking. Imperial mix can be warmed and then added atop filet