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Corbett says Pennsylvania may see more unemployment claims due to the government shutdown

Published On: Oct 01 2013 10:00:01 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 02 2013 10:59:43 AM EDT

Corbett talks about shutdowns effects on PA

What does the shutdown mean on the state level?

How will it be felt here?

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett says, if the shutdown goes a few weeks, there could be trouble.


The governor says he's worried about an increase in unemployment compensation claims.

He said if that happens it could overload the state system.

When it comes to the government shutdown, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett says he's doing the same thing as every other American.

“All I can do is encourage the Congress to reach a resolution and get the government back up and operating," said Corbett.


It looks like that may not happen soon.

So Corbett says he and his staff have been looking at how a lengthy shutdown will affect the Commonwealth.

“Sometimes you prepare to do it as they've done in the sequester," added Corbett.  "You've got to lose a couple of days and then come back.”

The governor is worried about the unemployment compensation system in the state.

Corbett told 69 News that currently Pennsylvania is processing 27,000 claims on a weekly basis.

Now with government workers seeing furloughs, those numbers could increase dramatically.

“There's a potential for 99,000 claims in Pennsylvania to be added to our system.”

Corbett says he has experience in preparing for government shutdowns.  He did it back in the early 1990's while working for the U.S. attorney's office in Pittsburgh, but furloughs never happened back then.

And the governor hopes this shutdown will end very soon.

“A lot remains to be seen of how exactly Washington is going to handle it before we can give you a real solid answer of what's going to happen here in Pennsylvania,” said Corbett.

We asked Governor Corbett if he had a preferred solution to the shutdown.

He said no, he just wants a solution.