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Rape investigation at Kutztown University

Published On: Dec 24 2013 11:06:00 AM EST   Updated On: Oct 14 2013 11:20:56 PM EDT

Reported rape at Kutztown University


Kutztown University officials say a reported rape happened on Thursday in Dixon Hall. Officials say the victim is not a student but the alleged attacker is and they knew each other.

Crisis counselors say if you are ever the victim of a similar crime do not shower after the attack. Either go to the police or seek medial attention immediately. Following those steps, it is important to seek counseling because you do not know how this will affect you in the future.

"Not everybody responds in the same way. But certainly there can be ongoing or lifelong effects from it," said Berks Women in Crisis Associate Director Christine Gilfillan.


Christine Gilfillan of Berks Women in Crisis says it is also important for the university or police to believe the victim.
"We wonder why victims do not come forward and seek help or want to cooperate with the authorities. It is often times because they are blamed for the assault. No one believes their story and we just want people to know that we do believe their stories so come to us and we can help you through that," said Gilfillan.

Kutztown University released a statement urging students to make a scene if they feel uncomfortable and to tell someone if an assault occurs. But counselors say it is also important that universities pledge to make sure sexual assaults do not happen on their campuses.

Campus officials have not released the name of the alleged attacker and so far he has not been arrested.

If you are the victim of an assault call the Berks Women in Crisis Hotline at (610) 372-9540.