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Protesters declare "Cease and Desist National Day of Action"

Published On: Oct 15 2013 05:35:16 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 15 2013 08:34:11 PM EDT

Protesters declare Cease and Desist National Day of Action


Those unhappy with the lack of progress in Washington gathered in protest outside of congressional offices Tuesday, declaring it "Cease and Desist National Day of Action."

Across Pennsylvania, local residents were joined by progressive groups, calling on Congress to reopen the government and avoid raising the debt ceiling.

They want U.S. Representatives to "cease" and "desist" what protesters say are "extreme politics."


"We voted to have people go do our business, and instead they're just shutting down the government. There's just no excuse for it at all," said Harlan Kutscher, leader with Organizing for Action.

Kutscher led crowds outside of Congressman Jim Gerlach's Wyomissing office, where symbolic "Cease and Desist" signs were posted. A rally was held later in Hamburg, addressing Congressman Charlie Dent.

"I understand the frustration, believe me. I'm frustrated with what's happened here, too. I'm working around the clock to make sure things get back," said Congressman Dent during a phone interview.

Dent said he has been working to propose bipartisan solutions since the start. He is hopeful an agreement will be reached by Thursday, the default deadline.