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Police across Berks County beef up patrols on "Mischief Night"

Published On: Oct 30 2013 09:42:54 PM EDT

Police beef up patrols on Mischief Night


Police departments across Berks County are beefing up patrols and sending out a strong message before Halloween.

Mischief Night has become famous for vandalism. Kids playing pranks and causing destruction on the night before Halloween has been documented on the big screen.

Vandals wreaking havoc by throwing toilet paper on trees and houses has also been glorified on YouTube. Now, police and a local grocery chain are taking a stand to prevent the mayhem.


"If they can't get the eggs, they can't do the damage," said Cory Deily, director of security and loss prevention for Redner's Markets.

Redner's Markets suspended the sale of eggs to minors until after Halloween. They started the practice four years ago. Cashiers are required to ask everyone who looks underage for ID.

"If they're coming in to buy four or five dozen eggs at 11 at night, they're obviously not going home to bake a cake," said Deily.

In years past, many communities suffered property damage on Mischief Night. Now, some police departments are stepping up patrols.

"Looking for any suspicious activity, also looking for large groups of kids without adult supervision," said Boyertown Police Chief Barry Leatherman.

According to Leatherman, the past few years have been calm on Mischief Night in the borough, but he's not taking any chances. His his officers will be visible Wednesday night.

"One example of an area we would watch for is something like the railroad yard, that's kind of a dark area at night," said Leatherman.

Several other police departments across the county are also prepared. They hope kids and teenagers will be smart, but if not expect to be caught.