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Maxatawny Supervisors do not approve of Nicole Reinhart Memorial Bike Race

Published On: Apr 09 2014 11:39:41 PM EDT   Updated On: Apr 09 2014 11:39:56 PM EDT
The Maxatawny Township Board of Supervisors

The Maxatawny Township Board of Supervisors unanimously voted not to approve the annual Nicole Reinhart Memorial Bike Race, to be held on July 28, 2014.

This year will mark the 24th running of the Nicole Reinhart Memorial Tour de FCCC, a junior stage race hosted by the LWA Junior Cycling Club.

The race takes young cyclists through the roads of the township.


The boards’ concern is not with the day of the race, but with the weeks of training that lead up to it.

“They’re riding like they’re racing and they aren’t paying attention to what they are doing,” Chairman Allen Leiby stated.

“I voted against it last year and I’m voting against it this year. It’s a safety issue.”

A number of residents have complained to the township about cyclists in the past, particularly during the weeks leading up to the race when large numbers of young riders are training.

Resident Mary Laub recalled young cyclists riding erratically and unsafely last year, when she had to stop her car on Grim Road to avoid hitting a group of them crossing the road without looking.

“Traffic [in the area] has increased significantly in the last couple of years and it really is a concern.

Years ago there weren’t that many cars and it wasn’t a big deal.

There is a lot of traffic there now and I really am concerned for the cyclists and for the motorists,” Laub said.

Chairman Leiby made the motion not to approve the race, it was seconded by Heath Wessner.

Despite the boards’ disapproval, the race can still go on.

According to Township Manager Justin Yaich, “We cannot legally keep them from riding on the roads, but the township will not officially approve of the use of our roads for the race.”

This will mean the township will likely not contribute by cleaning up the roads prior to the race as it has in the past.