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Bieber bus driver takes hands off wheel, eyes off road to use cell phone

Published On: Jun 04 2013 04:47:18 PM EDT   Updated On: Jun 05 2013 07:27:40 AM EDT

Shocking video, obtained only by 69 News, shows the driver of a Bieber bus dividing his attention between the highway and what looks like a cell phone.


A Bieber Tourways bus driver has been fired after being caught on camera driving while distracted.

The shocking video, obtained only by 69 News, showed the driver dividing his attention between the highway and what looks like a cell phone.

About 15 passengers were on the bus as it traveled down Route 222 through Berks County on Sunday, said one passenger, who added that the bus was headed back to Reading from New York.


"I felt like I had to watch the road for him while I was recording," said Miki Onwudinjo, who recorded the video with her cell phone from the front seat.

In Onwudinjo's video, the driver can be seen looking down and taking his eyes off the highway for seconds at a time while using what appeared to be his cell phone.

"The first thing that was running through my mind was like, 'OK, if this guy keeps doing this, I could die right now,'" said Onwudinjo.

Onwudinjo, who left New York after celebrating her friend's birthday, was riding the bus back home to Reading on Sunday evening. She recorded the video after leaving the bus stop in Kutztown.

"I thought I was in great danger because here I am on a bus that weighs thousands and thousands of pounds, and this man is utilizing two mobile devices going on a 45 mph highway," said Onwudinjo.


The three-minute video showed the Bieber Tourways bus driver distracted by one device to his left, then he pulls out a second, and at times takes his hands off the wheel.

Onwudinjo's father was stunned.

"Once I saw the video, I got blown away. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was simply beyond belief," said Andrew Onwudinjo.

Bieber Tourways told 69 News a passenger notified the Kutztown-based bus company of the incident Monday morning. According to Bieber, the driver was immediately suspended without pay pending further investigation. Later in the day, after an investigation by the company's safety personnel, the driver was terminated.

"We do not condone this behavior and regard our passenger safety very highly. We will reinforce this policy with all of our operators," said Bieber Tourways owner Steve Haddad in a statement.

The Northern Berks Regional Police Department is seriously looking into this case.