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Berks residents prepare for snow

Published On: Dec 09 2013 11:27:55 PM EST

Salt, snowblowers, fly off store shelves


People across Berks County were stocking up on snow supplies Monday in anticipation for another winter storm on Tuesday.

People across Berks County got 1-3 inches of snow Sunday.

"I had a lot of fun shoveling a bit last night. I got a new snow blower so I used that," said Churchtown resident John Esh.


"I could do without it. I really could, like most of us I am sure," said Parkesburg resident Tom Blessing.

Now, with one day to spare, people are prepping for round two.

"Looking for some salt. I hear it is supposed to snow some more tomorrow so salt for the driveway," said Telford resident Eric Alexander.

Residents in Berks County should expect more snow Tuesday morning into early afternoon.

For Scott Winslow, who runs a snow removal service, it means another long day on the job.

"Very busy. I was out from yesterday at 12 o'clock to today at about 2 o'clock this afternoon and I am getting ready to do it all over again," said Elverson resident Scott Winslow.

Winslow purchased 10 bags of salt. He says one 50 pound bag can get him through one driveway. But he needs 40 bags for just one commercial lot.

"It is a lot of salt. But it is very helpful and it is quick and it is the best stuff they got out here that I have used. So I am happy with it," said Winslow.

Drivers across Berks County are now just waiting to see what mother nature serves up Tuesday.

"Right at rush hour I do not know. It is not good. Not a good thing. I do not like that at all," said Blessing.

"I do not know. I guess we will wait and see what the Lord gives us," said Esh.

PennDOT encourages drivers to slow down and keep a safe distance from other vehicles.