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Women deny involvement with gang of accused Berks Co. shoplifters

Published On: Nov 28 2012 04:58:01 PM EST   Updated On: Nov 29 2012 05:31:54 AM EST

Suspected shoplifters speak out


Muhlenberg Twp.,, Berks County, Police said three women in the alleged gang of seven female shoplifters accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise over the holiday weekend are juveniles. Police said three of these women were arrested Sunday in another shoplifting case down the road at the Kmart.

At this point police said no one has been arrested for this shoplifting case.

Two sisters who were also caught on camera said they had nothing to do with the gang of shoplifters and they're proclaiming their innocence.The sisters said they saw their photos on and needed to talk to police.


Police said these seven women filled a shopping cart together and never paid for the $2,700 worth of stuff inside. Their photos were released to help police identify them. And it worked.

"I have nothing to do with that," said Veronica Montano.

Montano said she found out about her photo from coworkers.

"I put WFMZ and I seen my picture," said Montano, "I got shaky and I went to my boss and I'm like I got to go."

She came to the Muhlenberg Police Station with her sister Yajaira Montano.

"That's my picture but I did not take anything," said Veronica.

"I want to know why they have my picture," said Yajaira, "I have nothing to do with that. They didn't catch me with nothing."

Police said they released the images of the women leaving the store but there's more video from Target.

"The store cameras picked up them putting merchandise into a cart," said Officer Joel Marino.

But the Montano sisters said they went to Target to buy shoes, found nothing and left with nothing.

"I want them to show me proof that I took anything like I have nothing at all," said Veronica.

Police did speak with the sisters. And they said based on the video they appear to know the other women involved.

"They're seen in the video talking to each other," said Marino, "We're trying to determine that now if they're all involved and what capacity they were involved in."

69News called Veronica Montano to find out how her meeting with police went. She hung up.

Crime Alert Berks County said they have been flooded with tips about this case. Tipsters who have called our newsroom said they can't believe the audacity of the women pictured leaving this Target.