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Winter weather creates problems all across Berks

Published On: Dec 26 2012 07:00:00 PM EST   Updated On: Dec 27 2012 12:02:07 AM EST

Wicked weather slammed our area Wednesday.

Wicked weather slammed our area Wednesday. A wintry mix made traveling treacherous in some parts of the county and there were reports of several accidents that tied up traffic during the rush hour.

The snow became ice pellets and then rain.
Drivers said the roads were slippery at times. And for some they were dangerous.

Exeter Police said after an SUV ran into Stopper's Pub on 422, a woman and two girls were taken away by ambulance. It is unknown what injuries they suffered. And that was just one accident that happened while the snow was coming down Wednesday afternoon.

"Terrible, the roads are horrible," said Rory Gozanowski of Bernville.

Avoiding trouble could be tricky.

"Giving people lots of room between cars is really important," said Maureen Pfromm of Bernville.

Drivers on 222 said it was slow going because of the various accidents.

"It's slippery, it's very slippery you have to be a really good driver to be out in this," said Pfromm.

Pfromm said the weather couldn't keep her off the roads.

"I have to work. I'm a home health aide," said Pfromm, "So, I go to people's houses and help them out."

And when she stopped.

"It's horrible. You can't see when you get out of the car," said Pfromm, "The wind is just blowing through your pants' legs. It's like wooo."

The wind combined with ice also was an issue as the snow started to let up.

"It's not good on the wipers or the windshield," said Jim Sholl of Bethel, "So, you got to have the defrost on high blast keeps it from freezing up and sticking to your wipers."

Drivers said the best thing to have in this weather is four-wheel drive.

"Some places where PennDOT went through it's grainy you know," said Sholl, "And there's some places that ain't so good. It's pretty slick take your time."

The roads did improve as the rain replaced the snow.