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Wernersville man charged with selling large amounts of heroin

Published On: Dec 11 2012 02:37:54 PM EST   Updated On: Dec 12 2012 05:50:02 AM EST

Police: Heroin dealer busted


Berks County detectives said a big-time drug dealer is no longer selling in Wernersville or in Reading. They said the 390-pound convicted felon was living off of Social Security and selling heroin and marijuana out of his home.

Neighbors on Beckley Street said they were awakened Tuesday morning when police arrested David Duran. The Berks County District Attorney's Drug Task Force said an undercover detective bought heroin from Duran in the 300 block of Minor Street in Reading. Police said for months they have been investigating him and said the bust was successful.

"You never know what's behind that door," said Lt. Leon Domsic. "Looking at this, it looks he just re-upped his supply that was quite a bit of heroin we seized inside of there."


Police said Duran had a pattern.

"Conducting his business in the morning out in the Wernersville area and then coming into the city and conducting his business mostly on the south side of town," said Domsic.

But they said their information didn't come from neighbors in Wernersville.

"Activity in and out of the house for months and people didn't call and I wish they would have," said District Attorney John Adams.

Marilyn Temple lived next door to Duran, but she never thought to call.

"The whole neighborhood knew there was a lot of traffic," said Temple. "I don't know what I thought. I was thinking he had a lot of friends, but I'm naive."

Detectives said after catching a man with a pound and half of marijuana, 885 packets of heroin and a loaded gun, they want people to call.

"He was clearly in the business of supplying this poison to others and it serves no lawful purpose," said Adams.

Duran is facing delivery and possession charges. He was convicted of felony drug charges in the 90s in Florida and in 2003 in Berks County.