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Vandals target park in Upper Bern Township

Published On: Dec 10 2012 07:00:00 PM EST   Updated On: Dec 11 2012 08:32:25 PM EST

Vandals target park in Upper Bern Township


Vandals have left their mark at the Upper Bern Township Park. The devastation has hit close to home for some young ball players.

Ray Kuhn, former president of the Shartlesville Youth Baseball Association, stood in front of a vandalized baseball concession stand on Tuesday at the park with a heavy heart.

"It's tough, you know, especially since we just put a couple thousand dollars into fixing it over the last two years," said Kuhn.


Kuhn stated that the vandals left their mark at three buildings at the park. The worst damage was to the newly renovated baseball concession stand. Inside, he found a used fire extinguisher, shattered glass, a broken coffee machine and a destroyed electric panel.

Outside the building, "We got entry doors that are needed, serving doors, windows, they busted a hole through a concrete block. They actually climbed on the roof and tore shingles off the roof. It's pretty substantial," said Kuhn. "We first noticed it yesterday morning. We got a call from the township."

Officials with the Shartlesville Youth Baseball Association said they are not sure when the vandals struck. Since 2010, the association has raised its own funds to keep up with township codes.

"The bad part about it is the kids pay for this. This is fundraising money and now the kids have to put more money out to fix... that's the hardest part," said Kuhn.

Pennsylvania State Police said that the vandals also tried to destroy the locks on the park's bathroom doors. At this time, Trooper David Beohm stated, they have no leads.

"If there's good surface we will process the scene for any physical evidence that may be left behind," said Beohm.

"We have a lot more work ahead of us now," said Kuhn.

With help from the community, Kuhn stated, they are hopeful things will be back in order before the baseball season starts up again.