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Shocktoberfest returns for another year of screams

Published On: Sep 28 2012 07:09:39 PM EDT

The "undead" are preparing for their zombie revenge.


The undead are preparing for their zombie revenge. 

Shocktoberfest opened Friday night in Willow Glen Park in Sinking Spring, Berks Co.

For the next month-and-a-half, Zach Deemer will become a zombie on the weekends.  Connor Steudel worked on his transformation.


"This is what takes awhile. The latex has to dry before you can apply the next layer,"  Steudel explained about the makeup.

Deemer is just one of the more than 100 actors who need to look the part.

"They're humans infected with the living dead virus, and they like to eat your organs your brain, your heart, end trails," said Pat Konopelski, the owner of Shocktoberfest. "Everywhere you look, there will be zombies."

There will be zombies in the prison of the dead, the unknown and the zombie revenge haunted hayride.

"During the excavation phase, they discovered zombies," said Konopelski. "The problem is the government wouldn't let them kill the zombies because they're human -- undead."

Now, they are the main attraction.

"If you see a zombie, you want to go in the other direction," said Konopelski.

And what makes a good-looking zombie?

"Blood around the mouth, chowing down on a nice hunk of flesh," said Connor. "I guess people are just going to have to come find out whether the zombies are well behaved or not."

Connor developed the techniques to create zombie skin.

"Falling off flesh -- wait 'til it drys, take your finger, drag it, and it peels away," said Connor.

And he couldn't wait for the first visitors to arrive.

"You get dressed up and you yell at people and you scream," said Connor.

And if he does the job right, like making Deemer a scary-looking zombie, he won't be the only one screaming.