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Reward offered in duck killing

Published On: Apr 05 2013 11:21:27 PM EDT

Reward offered in duck killing


State police said they are on the hunt for a duck killer.  They said someone beat a pet duck to death and vandalized a truck on the same property.

Romeo was just 6 years old.

"Oh we miss him all the time," said Don Haydt, "It's like the dogs we had for 30 some years. They're all buried down there."


Haydt had two ducks in Longswamp Township at his business Haydt's Garage.  One passed away a year ago.  Romeo was killed last week.

"He was laying there at that water. He was beat on the back with like a baseball bat or something. The meat wasn't open," said Haydt, "But you could see a big bruise on his back."

Haydt said he discovered Romeo was dead in his pen and then a couple days later he saw his truck.

"They put a rag in there with kerosene, lit it and just took off," said Haydt.

He's positive the duck and the truck are connected because Romeo wasn't just a duck.

"Then over the years they got to be like a dog, if somebody else was here they'd carry on," said Haydt.

He didn't bark but quacked.

"I mean really loud," said Haydt.

Haydt said it was all that noise that made Romeo a target.

"Whoever the person was they'd figure someone would hear them. You know and come out," said Haydt.

Romeo cost $1.90 at the auction.  And now Haydt will pay much more to find his killer.

"I'll pay a thousand dollars in reward if we catch them," said Haydt.  If necessary, he said he would pay more.

Haydt is soft spoken, but his emotions are deep.

"I am angry. I'm angry they had to do that to him," said Haydt, "The truck I can replace that's no problem. But the duck, I mean he's been here 6 years."

State police are investigating.  Police said if it is the same person they are facing charges of arson and animal cruelty.