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Reading intersections covered in ice due to clogged sewage pipe

Published On: Jan 30 2013 04:46:52 PM EST   Updated On: Jan 24 2013 11:47:18 PM EST

Reading intersections covered in ice due to clogged pipes


A stinky, clogged-up sewage pipe caused several intersections in Reading to freeze over, officials said.

Thursday afternoon, cars and SUVs could be seen getting stuck at McClellan and Patton Streets, as tires got caught between large sheets of ice.

A block away at Brookline Plaza and Patton Street, a large portion of the intersection was also covered with ice.

"This is ridiculous. We got kids walking around here. Yesterday, I had to help out like 10 guys, people getting stuck here," said Carlos Ortiz, neighbor.

"There's just no words. It gets me mad and my mom and seeing people getting stuck here all the time and it's a problem," said Mervin Gurado, neighbor.

69 News cameras followed the trail of ice to a stinking sewage pipe that was overflowing with toxic material on Brookline Plaza.

Residents said they tried for several days to get help from authorities, but had no luck.

"We reported it to City Hall," said Ana Reyes, president of the residents' association at Oakbrook.

69 News contacted the police, who later informed Public Works.

Shortly after, crews were dispatched to the scene, and officials later identified the problem as a clogged sewage pipe.

The sewage pipe was unclogged around 8:00 o'clock Thursday night, officials said.

Public Works placed salt on the icy sections of the street, officials said, and crews monitored the affected areas throughout the night.

"I can't wait until it gets warmer," said Ariel Antonetti who he struggled to get out of a parking space that was partially covered with frozen sewage water.