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Police: Serial burglars nabbed "red handed"

Published On: Sep 28 2012 08:00:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 29 2012 10:55:53 AM EDT

Police: Serial burglars nabbed


Police said two serial burglars are off the streets. They said the pair were brazen enough to burglarize homes in Lower Alsace and Mount Penn during the day. And the Central Berks Regional Police said they were caught Friday red- handed.

People in those neighborhoods have been concerned.

"It's scary to think that someone has enough nerve to break into people's homes during the day," said Jodi Weldele, "Especially, in a neighborhood like this where there's a lot of older people and a lot of people with young children."


Jodi Weldele lives on Penndale Street in the Pennside area in Lower Alsace Township.

"I just read in the newspaper yesterday and I saw on the Internet last night that some homes had been burglarized during the day in Lower Alsace Township," said Weldele, "And the police were recommending close your windows and keep them locked and keep your doors locked."

The Central Berks Regional Police Chief Anthony Garipoli said they wanted to warn people to be on the lookout and it worked.

"We received a few calls in reporting suspicious persons," said Garipoli.

They said two homes were targeted in Pennside Friday. Someone was in the first home and the two men fled.

"So while the officers were checking for that area the two actors actually broke into another residence," said Garipoli.

Officers said they caught 20-year-old Robert-Spencer Fuller and 18-year-old Damon Max on Penndale Avenue with cash, jewelry and electronic equipment taken from one of the homes.

"Both males seemed to be under the influence of alcohol or some other controlled substance," said Garipoli.

The chief said six homes in three days were hit and Fuller admitted to five of them.

"Somebody invaded your space," said Suzy Sands, who was eating at Anthony's Trattoria in Pennside, "That's your house. That's your home. That's your private area and it was violated. And I think you do personally feel violated that someone came in and trespassed and violated your space."

Neighbors hope the burglaries end with these arrests.

"It does give you peace of mind," said Weldele.

Fuller and Max are charged with burglary, theft, and receiving stolen property.