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Police: Busted burglars in Berks may have struck several homes

Published On: Dec 09 2012 07:00:00 PM EST   Updated On: Dec 11 2012 06:47:09 AM EST

Police: Serial burglars busted

Police in Cumru Township, Berks County, said they have two men in custody who were caught redhanded with stuff stolen from several homes.

And now they are working with other police departments to determine if they have a pair of serial burglars on their hands responsible for hitting homes throughout Berks County.

For weeks Berks County police departments have been waiting for a pair of serial burglars to mess up. It looks like they may have been caught after a man just missed them ransacking his home. The victim asked not to be identified.


Gregg Avenue was the last block Cumru Township Police said Ivan Kenneth Towles and Ernie Sanjuro Mojica hit Saturday morning during their burglaries. A man saw them in the alley behind his house.

"Right here was their license plate," he said putting his hand an inch away from his face, "So, I was coming across that backyard and I was smelling their exhaust."

He said he was never afraid.

"I kept memorizing and memorizing their license number," said the burglary victim.

He called 911 and gave the license number that police said is on the Cadillac driven by Towles.

Cumru Police said with the help of other police departments they tracked Towles and Mojica to the Shillington Shopping Center. Mojica tried to run but was caught. And stolen items were found on them and in their car.

"I'm very grateful we were able to apprehend these two individuals and I'm sure they're going to be found responsible for many more crimes that have been committed in the recent past," said Police Chief Jed Habecker of Cumru Township Police.

Cumru Police want the public to look at the photos to see if they jog any memory.

"I hope the other victims who had stuff stolen feel the same way I do," said the man from Cumru Township. "I'll be right there. I'll be right there following their whole case through. And once I talk to the district attorney you can bet I'll be there."

He wants justice because the police may have recovered his things but not his daughter's sense of security.

"If I'm out she's afraid to be alone by herself which is only understandable," said the victim.

His daughter said she hasn't slept since this happened.