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Mom at Maple Grove to sell lemonade in memory of young son

Published On: Oct 04 2012 08:00:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 05 2012 11:32:30 PM EDT

A mom who lost her young son to cancer is doing her part to raise money for a cure, and you can help, too.


A mom who lost her young son to cancer is doing her part to raise money for a cure.

Photos of Trevor Gresko captured the kid he was.

"He was one of the happiest little boys I ever met," said his mom, Jackie Gresko.


Trevor was a kid with cancer and a pirate.

"Always digging treasures up or burying treasures," said Gresko.

Gresko said Trevor wasn't a happy baby and when he was two he had a black eye that wouldn't go away.

"A tumor had been eating through his bone," explained Gresko.

Gresko said the diagnosis was tough.

"There's not a lot of good news that you get with a cancer diagnosis," said Gresko.

But Trevor didn't let cancer stop his fun.

"This is play-doh hair," said Gresko pointing to a photo of Trevor, "We played with play-doh a lot."

He spent a lot of time at Children's Hospital in Philadelphia, just like the founder of Alex's Lemonade Stand, Alex Scott

"Same doctors that Alex got, treated Trevor," said Gresko.

Alex's Lemonade stand is a foundation for childhood cancer.

And Saturday during the Nationals at Maple Grove Gresko will set up a Lemonade stand in Trevor's honor at the Finish Line Pub from 9 am to 10 pm.

"No other family has to go through this," said Gresko, "No child has to go through this, hoping to find a cure for pediatric cancer."

Trevor died in March of 2007. It's been five years, but the pain of her son's death and what he suffered never goes away.

She said her son's cancer gave her a new perspective.

"You kind of stand back and think about you don't really know what everybody else is going through and it could be that person's worst day of their life," said Gresko.

This fundraiser is her attempt to help others avoid what she had to learn.