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Kutztown student wants guns on campus

Published On: Apr 05 2013 05:51:12 PM EDT

Kutztown student wants guns on campus


Should guns be allowed on college campuses?  

That was the hot question circling around Kutztown University Friday, following a recent rash of violence.

Now, Robert Fallstich, a sophomore at KU, is pushing to allow concealed weapons as a matter of self-defense.


Fallstich is the campus leader of Kutztown University Students for Concealed Carry.

"This is a gun free zone and what that says to criminals is that everybody that's here is disarmed, if you want to rob these people they can't fight back," said Fallstich, who owns five guns.

The student-run group is part of a national non-partisan organization pushing for concealed carry on college campuses.

Fallstich's group at KU is small in numbers. Their Facebook page only has 22 likes. It was started in early March, ironically, around the same time a student was pistol whipped during a dorm invasion at Deatrick Hall.

"We had what three incidents in one week on campus, and that's not allowing weapons so it could just make it worse to have them," said Katherine Douventuzidis, a freshman on campus.

Fallstich wants to protect himself. He's advocating legal concealed carry, of legal age and passing a background check, but his classmates fired back. They said when you mix college students, alcohol and guns together, it could be recipe for disaster

"All that's needed is one wrong word or one wrong look and someone can easily get shot," said Shaun Murphy, a junior at KU.

According to Fallstich, a Wild West shootout on campus is a common misconception, and his plan is about self-defense.

"Whenever law abiding people are allowed to defend themselves against a criminal element, the criminal element moves on or gives up," said Fallstich.

What's standing in his way is the university policy prohibiting firearms on school property. Officials said any change to school policy would have to start with the state.

Fallstich is organizing an empty holster rally next week on campus.