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Inspectors making sure Reading sidewalks clear of snow, ice

Published On: Jan 27 2014 05:34:13 PM EST   Updated On: Jan 27 2014 06:02:39 PM EST

Snow has been a recurring theme this winter.


Snow has been a recurring theme this winter. Now, days after the last storm, some sidewalks in Reading are still snow-covered.

"It is a pain. It is such a pain because parts of them are very slippery and very icy," said Chaveli Mejia, of Reading.

The northeast section of Reading, near 9th and Elm streets, is one of the worst areas for snow-covered sidewalks, but not in front of National Auto Supply Company. Business owner Nick Perugini said he does not mess around with snow.


"You do not want to have any problems, so I do it border to border and make sure. Salt it and then you do not have to worry. Keep ahead of it," said Perugini said.

Reading city inspectors have been out, trying to make sure every sidewalk is clear.

"You have to have your sidewalks shoveled four hours after the snow starts. So, with all the elderly people and the kids walking back and forth to school, it creates a hazard to anybody out there trying to walk on the sidewalks," said Ronald Natale, Reading's property maintenance manager.

City officials said you should not only be cleaning off your sidewalks for the safety of others, but also to avoid a fine. The city has already issued 337 tickets so far this winter, and you could be next.

"Our goal is next year there is going to be less and every year we get less complaints and less issuing of those tickets, once we get the word out," said Natale.

City inspectors will issue up to three tickets. Then, if the problem still is not resolved, they will send a crew to clean the sidewalk for you and bill you for the cleanup.

If you see sidewalks that are snow covered, call the Citizen Service Center at 877-727-3234.