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Friend speaks out about pregnant woman's death after SUV hit the woman's horse and buggy

Published On: Oct 23 2012 08:00:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 24 2012 02:54:30 PM EDT

A pregnant mother is dead after her horse-and-buggy was struck by an SUV.


A pregnant mother is dead after her horse-and-buggy was struck Monday night by an SUV in Maidencreek Twp., Berks Co.

. The woman who died Monday night was a Mennonite. Her family is refraining from being on camera. But a close friend spoke about her life and the family she left behind.

Around Maidencreek Township and Blandon buggies are common.

"It takes one second to take your eyes off the road and you take someone's life," said Shelly Kurtz.

Kurtz can't believe her friend Laura Ringler died Monday night.

"They put in long hours at the greenhouse so they had to go shopping later, it was later at night for them to get home," said Kurtz.

Laura and Jonathan Ringler own the Valley View Greenhouse and Nursery. Kurtz said they shopped on Fifth Street Highway and were just a half a mile from their home when they got hit on Park Road in Maidencreek Township.

"They got rear-ended by a gentleman in an SUV," said Kurtz, "And Laura didn't make it and neither did the baby."

Jonathan Ringler was taken to a hospital. Kurtz said Laura was six months pregnant and the couple just bought diapers.

"They were very excited," said Kurtz, "Her and her husband were very excited. They weren't going to find out what they were having."

Kurtz said she became friends with Laura through a mothers of preschoolers group. The Mennonite couple had a baby on the way and a two-year-old little girl, Amy.

Kurtz said she remembers the last time their kids played together.

"Amy got upset when we left," said Kurtz, "Laura was just telling her, 'Don't worry. They'll come back. They'll come back and play.'"

Kurtz said Laura was a good mother.

"She was just so energetic and so happy, can't believe she's not here," said Kurtz, "Just really hard to know that's she's not and that baby, especially."

Kurtz said everyone who knew Laura is experiencing a sense of loss.

"Laura was very special to a lot of people," said Kurtz.

Kurtz said Laura's husband is out of the hospital and wants to name the unborn baby. Kurtz said he wants people to know two lives were lost.