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Family of Brian Frymoyer holds vigil on anniversary of his death

Published On: Jan 21 2013 06:28:13 AM EST

Vigil for Reading man


It's an unsolved mystery in Reading. A local elementary school janitor was gunned down on his way home from work. Seven years later, police are still hunting for the killer and a family waits for justice.

They come here once a year, to the corner of Moss and Marion Streets in Reading. It's the place Brian Frymoyer was killed seven years ago to the day.

"He was walking home from work and wasn't bothering nobody and all of a sudden, he got gunned down right here on the corner," explained his uncle, William Frymoyer.


Every year since, friends and family gather to remember Brian. They stand shivering together, the cold numbing the pain they've felt for the last 2,555 days.

"You know it's really rough," shared Brian's mother Irene Frymoyer. "But if I am standing out here then I still feel like I'm still honoring him you know, I don't want to forget him."

For seven years, Irene's been waiting for an arrest in her son's murder. She hopes one day to have closure.

"That's the hardest part, not having the answers. If you had answers it would be a little better. You could put it to rest a little bit, but not knowing makes it harder."

She says she misses Brian's smiling face, and has one sevenyear-old regret about her son.

"That day he got shot he said, 'I'm going away Mom. I'll see you tomorrow morning,' and I said don't go to work, because he didn't feel good," said Irene holding back tears. "I wish I would have just said I love you, if I could have just said I love you."

Irene says she thinks that's part of the reason she continues to hold vigil for her son on the day he died.