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Emergency call from Texas prompts scare in Birdsboro

Published On: Mar 19 2013 05:21:48 PM EDT   Updated On: Mar 20 2013 06:06:03 AM EDT

A reported threat caused tense moments and forced some families in Berks County to evacuate their homes.


A reported threat caused tense moments and forced some families in Berks County to evacuate their homes.

Mulitple police departments spent four hours stationed in a Birdsboro neighborhood Monday night before a man was taken into custody.

Flashing lights and flares were all over the 900 block of Denise Drive as police knocked on residents' doors.       


"They were telling us we had to stay in our house and stay in the lowest part away from the windows," said Latisha Kuronya, who lives in the borough.

Kuronya and her family were forced to hunker down in the basement, while many of her neighbors were forced out of their homes.

"She gave me a call. She was freaking out that they were evacuating the street and everything," said Adam Kuronya, who was on his way home from work.

The evacuated residents were sent to Daniel Boone High School, and the Berks County Emergency Response Team was called in.

According to police, it all started around 6:15 p. m. when they received a call from a woman in Texas. She claimed her brother threatened to hurt his girlfriend and himself. She reportedly told police he was drunk and owned a large number of guns.

"Some kind of emotional relationship problem, add in alcohol and access to a lot of guns and it's just not a good recipe for a happy ending," said Chief Ted Roth, Birdsboro Police Dept.

All the roads in the area were blocked off, and the streets were swarmed with law enforcement. Police were even stationed inside people's homes for surveillance.

"They just ran a cord through my house looking for a land line to get ahold of the guy," said Collin Williams, who was surprised by the major response.

The man's sister in Texas provided police with two cell phone numbers. When the girlfriend finally answered, the 46-year-old man walked out around 10 p.m. and was taken to Reading Hospital for a mental health evaluation, said police.

"With the information we had, we took this as a serious, lethal potential event," said Roth.

According to police, the man is not facing any charges, and they're just glad it ended peacefully.