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Despite snow coated roads, the show must go on

Published On: Jan 25 2013 07:00:00 PM EST   Updated On: Jan 25 2013 11:18:22 PM EST

The snow didn't keep thousands of country music fans from getting behind the wheel Friday night.


The snow didn't keep thousands of country music fans from getting behind the wheel Friday night. They put up with the snow and cold, just to get to Center City Reading.

If there was a country song about standing in line in the cold these people would be singing it.

Braving the elements was a must if you wanted to see Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert in concert at the Sovereign Center. Just to get to the doors on Penn Street meant driving into Reading.

"Bumper to bumper, sliding, seeing people off the road," described Kristi Reineker or Milton.

Reineker and her plaid shirt wearing friends came from Central Pennsylvania.

"We're just a little bit excited," she said.

They've been waiting three months to see this show. They're not even thinking about the temperature.

"We're running on adrenaline," explained Reineker's friend.

Something must have been keeping certain concert fans warm.

"Everybody is looking at us and we didn't know why," said Kristyn Walters of Exeter Township, "We don't have any jackets on. That's why they're looking at us."

Fashion came before freezing.

"I did not want to hold it," said Andrea Amato.

As long as they made it, that's what was important.

"It was a little slick, but we have a four-wheel-drive truck so you know, it's country after all," said Amato.

Cowboys came up north. And while winter weather welcomed them along with traffic, they were happy.

"I drive a tractor trailer," said Jim Eisele of Allentown, "There's nothing keeping me from the show."

"I do love Miranda," said Jennifer Koontz of York.

So much so nothing kept her away, not even the thought of the ride home.

"I'm afraid it's going to be really cold and the roads are going to be too icy," said Koontz.

But that was a worry for after the concert.