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Christmas Eve snow hits Berks County

Published On: Dec 24 2012 11:12:27 PM EST

Christmas Eve snow hits Berks County

The snow started early Monday night making traveling slippery in some spots. We received reports of several accidents in the area especially on side roads.

Driving around Berks County was treacherous in places.

"They're pretty slippery," said Beatris Ruiz of Bernville, "It's hard to stay in your lane."


The wintery weather covered the country roads and only tire tracks revealed the asphalt below. Some people got stuck.  And salt trucks were needed to help fight the snow on the ground.

"It's just the slush, that's really what it is," said Ruiz.

But no matter what the road conditions were like people said it looked like a winter wonderland.

"We're playing snow fight," said Jasmine Ruiz.

Jasmine and her brother Julian played in the snow before they had to pack it in for the night.

"We were just at grandma's house so now we're going back home to get everyone safe in bed real soon," said Scott Yatchyshyn of Bernville.

Minnie, his chocolate lab will celebrate her first Christmas.

"Cross our fingers we'll wake up with something on the ground," said Yatchyshyn.

But even if it doesn't, they'll appreciate a white Christmas Eve.

"To be honest I kind think of it as a Christmas miracle cause people said it wasn't going to snow but it did," said Elizabeth Clement, "So, yeah I like white Christmases." 

It began to look like Christmas and snowflakes helped.

"Especially, when it's not too much, but it's just enough," said Clement, "It looks so pretty."