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Berks residents think spring while preparing for storm

Published On: Mar 05 2013 11:28:09 PM EST   Updated On: Mar 06 2013 07:13:29 AM EST

Berks residents think Spring while preparing for storm


With winter weather on its way, we wanted to see if people are stocking up.

In Reading, the cold night air set in Tuesday, but earlier in the day it was nice and mild, which was helping people think spring, not snow.

Temperatures outside will be cold enough for snow, but inside at Lowe's in Caenarvon Township, flowers are in bloom. 


"I'm ready for the warmer weather," said Jim Thomas of Honey Brook. "I was hoping today makes it feel like it.  It'll come.  I already got the shovel at home. I'm ready for that."

Shovels in March get marked down. But Jim Thomas was in the market for a rake.

"When the weather gets warmer, get all the leaves and what not out," said Thomas. "Make it look nice."

The weekend looks promising, but snow is in the forecast for Wednesday.

"We got the snow blower and all," said Thomas. "We haven't used it much this year, but this might be a little more this time.  We'll see."

People were hoping Mother Nature takes it easy.

"Hopefully we'll stay on the one to three side," said Michael Ringler of Brecknock Township. "Temperatures are supposed to rise after the storm. Whatever we get isn't going to stick around too long."

But at Met-Ed, Scott Surgeoner said while this storm might be short, it could pack a punch.

"Tomorrow's snow is forecast to be a bit more moisture-laden than a typical light fluffy snow.  We're also supposed to get some strong winds along with the snow," Surgeoner said.

Power could be a problem.  Whether this storm is a direct hit or miss, people said they're ready for it.

"I have a pickup truck with four-wheel drive, a plow, so I'm not too concerned about it," said Ringler.    

So this shopping trip for Robert and Gavin Doyle wasn't about shovels and scrapers, but summer.

When Gavin was asked grilling or snowing? He said, "Grilling."

Gavin said he likes it when his dad grills hotdogs, but he wouldn't mind a snow day from New Holland Elementary School. 

We'll have to see if he gets it.