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Berks Singer helps restore the shore

Published On: Mar 02 2013 07:00:00 PM EST   Updated On: Mar 04 2013 08:46:32 AM EST

Berks Singer helps restore the shore


She's only a teenager, but one young singer in Berks County is doing her part to "restore the Shore" after Hurricane Sandy.

A small church in Robesonia, Pa., is a long way from the shores that Sandy shellacked.  But both places share a similar song -- the music of Amanda Lyn Hornberger.

"Tonight, we're doing a benefit for the Jersey and Long Island shores," she said.


Hornberger is just 18 years old, but she already has three CDs out.  To celebrate her fourth, she held a benefit concert Saturday night at Trinity Lutheran Church.

"My mom grew up on Long Island, and out family has been going to the Jersey Shore since I can remember," she said.

Hornberger's sister Jessie added:  "There were just so many childhood memories there, and we just wanted to do something."

The crowds may be small, but their hearts are big.  Jessie and Amanda Lyn hope to raise $1,400.

"I have a lot of songs that relate to the beach, so it just seemed to work really well," said Amanda Lyn.

If you're impressed that a teenager is doing so much for other people, consider this.  This budding musician has actually been doing this for years.

"I did my first benefit concert when I was in seventh grade," said Amanda Lyn.

"We gave our money to cancer research that time," added Jessie/

For both sisters, music and charity go hand-in-hand.

"Being there for other people and caring about other people is an important part of how I was raised, so it seemed like second nature to me," said Amanda Lyn.

A long distance lullaby from a tiny sanctuary in Pennsylvania to the shore.