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83-year-old man accused of inappropriately touching young teen girl

Published On: Jan 20 2014 06:35:55 AM EST   Updated On: Jan 20 2014 03:32:50 PM EST

He's accused of inappropriately touching a young teenaged girl.


Eighty-three-year-old Alfred Stoudt sits behind bars in Berks County. Officers arrested him Friday after they say he had an on-going four year relationship with an autistic teen.

"We initially got the report from Berks County Children Youth Services back in 2011," explained Detective Sergeant Gerardo Vega with Berks County Detectives.

According to court paperwork, the victim was 12-years-old when the relationship started.


Investigators say Stoudt admitted to touching the girl inappropriately and being "deeply in love" with her. At the time though, police say they didn't have enough evidence to file charges against the elderly man.

"In 2013 we reopened the case," said Vega. "We learned that he was continuing to have contact with the victim."

Arrest documents say Stoudt would call the victim, leave things for her on the porch, even have her sneak out so he could take her places. He told police the girl was "his girlfriend" and he even had his car license plate personalized to include her name.

"He is in love with her," Vega added. "He expressed that he enjoys being with her. He wants to just be able to pick her up and take her out and spend time with her, and he didn't think that was wrong."

This time the girl admitted to investigators Stoudt kissed her and inappropriately touched her, saying "she feels tormented" by the 83-year-old.

The victim's family told officers Stoudt was leaving them threatening messages, and he was even spotted sitting at the girl's bus stop watching her head to school.

"Based on his continuous contact with her and trying to have more contact with her, and disobeying the family as well as law enforcement, I did have a fear, we also did have a fear that it could lead to something more," described Vega.

Stoudt is being held at Berks County Prison. He's facing six charges including indecent assault, corruption of minors, stalking and harassment. His next court date is set for January 27th.