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Vandalism leaves Verizon customers in Reading without phone service

Published On: Sep 17 2012 08:00:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 19 2012 06:22:19 AM EDT

Hundreds of Verizon customers have been without telephone land line service for days.


Hundreds of Verizon customers in Reading have been without telephone land line service for days.

"Our telephone land lines service from Verizon has been down since Sunday evening," said Franklin Haas, a Verizon customer.

When he contacted Verizon Communications about the outage, Haas said a customer service representative gave him a generic explanation about what caused the problem.


They just told us there's a major problem in the '610' area," said Haas, whose major concern is not for himself but for his elderly neighbors who have no other access to a phone in case of an emergency.

"It creates a hardship," said Haas.

Several area businesses on Morgantown Road were affected, as well.

"Our alarm system was affected. We did have a credit card machine and fax line go down," said Jesse Duffy, IT manager at Raylon Corporation. "We had a customer coming in who wanted to place an order and put it on their credit card. We couldn't take the credit card."

Since Sunday, Verizon said it has received 300 reports from customers about their land lines being down. Officials said a phone cable under the Bingaman Street Bridge, west of Lancaster Avenue, was cut. Crews were out Monday night trying to fix the vandalism.

By Tuesday evening, Verizon said, customers should have access to their land lines.

If you know anything about the vandalism, you can call Crime Alert Berks County with your anonymous tip, which could get you a cash reward of up to $5,000 if it leads to an arrest.