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Three men charged after Pottsville abduction

Published On: Nov 07 2013 06:00:16 PM EST   Updated On: Nov 08 2013 10:48:49 AM EST

While some were heading to the polls, Schuylkill County police say Tuesday night two teenage girls were snatched off the street and forced into a car.


While some were heading to the polls Tuesday, police in Schuylkill County said two teenage girls were snatched off the street and forced into a car.

The girls are now safe, and the three men have been arrested for the crime.

Those men, police said, not only had the abducted girls, but a car full of drugs, too.


The men forced the 14- and 15-year-old girls, who were standing outside the Cash and Trade Pawn Shop, into their car, according to court documents.

"I'm in shock, and it scares me. I never thought this could happen in downtown Pottsville," said Ivana Mercuri, a local business owner.

Mohammed Khan, 20; Victor Declet, 21; and Nestor Hernandez, 30, all of New York City, were charged with the crime.

The men asked the girls to party, and when the girls declined, two of the men forced the teens inside the car and then drove off, according to court documents.

Once inside, one of the men said, "I like this one" with another responding, "I like both of them."

But just a few blocks away, the men were pulled over by a Pottsville officer who saw the car driving erratically.

The officer saw booze in the front seat and two terrified girls in the back, according to court documents. The teens then reportedly told the officer they thought someone was in the trunk.

It wasn't a body, but instead, police said they found more than 20 bags of marijuana and cocaine.

The discovery added to the beginning of legal troubles for the three men but a safe ending for the two teens.

69 News reached out to police for comment but was told no one was available.

The three men are due back in court next Friday.