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Student allergic to AXE suffers another medical episode

Published On: Aug 29 2013 10:02:15 PM EDT   Updated On: Aug 30 2013 05:36:19 AM EDT

For a Bethlehem area school district high school student back-to-school meant back to the hospital.


For one Bethlehem Area School District high school student, back-to-school meant back to the hospital.

It's all thanks to his severe allergy to a popular body spray.

Eight months ago, Brandon Silk suffered three anaphylactic reactions in nine days-- all because of his allergy to AXE body spray.

This year, officials at Freedom High School worked with the Silk family so the sophomore could come back.

"I was feeling really confident like it was going to work and I was just really excited to be able to get back in school," said Silk.

"The plea to the school with the robo-call was great, the re-entry plan that they planned was great," added Rosa Silk, Brandon's mother.

School officials even held an assembly on the first day of classes to warn students about Brandon's allergic reaction.

Even with all the warnings, Brandon only lasted at school a couple of days.

"I'm just a little upset that some of the kids weren't understanding and decided to use it," added Brandon.

On Wednesday, Brandon's reaction was so bad a nurse had to administer an epi pen shot so he could breathe.

His mother thanks the school for working with her son but wishes the Bethlehem Area School District would ban the body spray.

"Brandon is the canary in the coal mine and I've said it before," said Rosa. "He's the extreme case with these reactions. Just think of the low level case that people are not aware of."

The Silk family is still working with doctors and Unilever, the company that makes AXE, to find a cure.

Brandon is hoping to return to school this year, but in order to do that, close to 2,000 high school students will need to understand the severity of his condition.

So in his own words, here's his plea: "You have to understand, I'm a normal kid just like you. I want to be here talking to you guys. I want to socialize but that's not possible if I am getting these reactions."

For now, Brandon will attend cyber-school until he can go back to Freedom.