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Standing Room Only At Crime Watch Meeting Following Double Homicide

Published On: Aug 18 2011 11:08:08 AM EDT   Updated On: Mar 29 2011 10:17:44 AM EDT

The residents of Alburtis are safe.

Or at least that is what the chief of police, Robert Palmer is telling people.

The comments were made at a special standing-room only Crime Watch meeting.


The meeting is in response to the double homicide that took place in the small community two weeks ago.

"Jim Martin basically told me what I can say this was a crime of opportunity," said Alburtis Borough Police Chief Robert Palmer.

Those are the only words Palmer said to a packed room of people for a special crime watch meeting in regards to the murders of Althea Walbert, 82, and her daughter Jeanette.

A lot of people living in Alburtis still have concerns.  

"I think that is what everyone wants to know is If they have any leads or what's going on because they haven't released any information," said resident Robert Updegrove.

"We've been here 19, going to be 20 years," said resident Kathleen Rowe "and I have to honestly say we've never had a problem. Never. But of course with the happenings of recent times I think there is a little concern."

Usually at the monthly crime watch meeting there's only about five people at Alburtis Borough Hall but because of all the concern in the community there are over fifty

"The investigation is moving along and it's moving along well," said Palmer.  "From what I heard I'm very optimistic. So what I'm telling you because of what I do know is as far as the community is concerned. You can relax."

The police did give safety tips to residents such as locking doors and windows to their homes however those in attendance say they will still be worried until the person responsible for the murders is arrested.