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Spectators become shoppers at U.S. Open

Published On: Jun 13 2013 08:00:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Jun 14 2013 07:19:42 PM EDT

Better weather brought out more fans Friday for day two of the U.S. Open in Ardmore.

Better weather brought out more fans Friday for day two of the U.S. Open in Ardmore. In between watching the action on the course, many fans did a little shopping.

There are multiple merchandise tents all over the Merion Golf Club. The largest is at Spectator's Square. It's 24,000 square feet full of endless merchandise.

"I love the U.S. Open, favorite tournament, always like to come into the merchandise and load up and buy a bunch of stuff," said Kenny Andreozzi from Bucks County.

"We started the week with over 350,000 US Open logoed items," said Mary Lopuszynski, Senior Director of U.S. Open Merchandising.

Those logoed items are going fast. We talked with fans who were buying golf balls, golf towels, shirts, hats, engraved bag tags clothing and more.

One of the top sellers is hats. "When the week is said and done, we'll probably sell about 100,000 hats," said Lopuszynski.

Another hot ticket item is this year's U.S. Open commemorative poster signed by the artist himself. Lee Wybranski is the Official Poster Artist for the U.S. Open. He's been designing them since 2008 and said he was very inspired this year. "Merion obviously the wicker basket that everyone knows was certainly going to be featured prominently on the artwork," explained Wybranski.

"I always buy his posters, this will be my 6th one," said Gene Stanford from Beaufort, SC.

On day two of the actual tournament, sales were already soaring. "People have been buying at a much faster pace than we expected. We've broken our sales records pretty much every day since we opened a week ago, last Thursday," said Lopuszynski. That's even with Merion only selling 25,000 tickets a day, instead of the standard 40,000 at other U.S. Opens.