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Rootin' tootin' fun at the Allentown Fair

Published On: Aug 28 2013 05:06:33 PM EDT   Updated On: Aug 28 2013 05:51:39 PM EDT

It was a time of cowboys and horses, saloons and simpler times.

It was a time of cowboys and horses, saloons and simpler times. One new attraction at the Great Allentown Fair gives folks a peak into life on the American Frontier.

"This is the Great American Frontier Show," smiled Sharon Sandlofer.

You can check out an old-time saloon, or watch a show with horses and bison.

"'The Animals That Built America' represent American history and the animals and the people that actually helped build this country," explained Sandlofer.

Or take a seat and see live wolves in action. 'Wolves Of The World' introduces fair-goers to an animal with a bad reputation.

"It's very educational and that's really the purpose of it," added Sandlofer. "To educate about these special animals and the needs they have in the world."

The 25-minute show features 8 Eastern Timberwolves. All of them are rescue animals.

"The wolf has been hunted to near extinction everywhere that they've lived," Sandlofer shared.

Sandlofer's been doing the show for about 15 years. There are tricks and laughs, but she hopes folks walk away with more knowledge about wolves.

"How they live in a pack, how only the alpha male and female will mate and have young, how the whole pack joins in taking care of those babies," listed Sandlofer. "These are all things that people have not been aware of, and they realize just how special these animals really are."

The Great American Frontier Show is right in front of the Agri-Plex at the fair. You can check out both shows three times a night through September 2nd.