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Mexican-American singer, Jenni Rivera dies in plane crash

Published On: Dec 10 2012 07:00:00 PM EST   Updated On: Dec 11 2012 12:02:06 AM EST

Mexican-American singer, Jenni Rivera dies in plane crash

Millions of fans are mourning the death of Jenni Rivera, a famous Mexican-American Singer and star of the television show "I love Jenni".

Rivera died early Sunday in a plane crash after performing at a concert in Monterrey, Mexico.

Monday, even fans in our area are remembering Rivera's legacy.


Just this October, People Magazine en Español named Rivera as one of the 25 most powerful Latina women in show business.

Rivera has been in the spotlight since her debut album in 1999 and according to her fans that is where she will remain.

From the stage to people's living rooms, Jenni Rivera, 43, was at the peak of her career.

But all that changed Sunday when the plane Rivera was on crashed in Northern Mexico, instantly killing her and the 6 other people on board.

Local fans found it hard to hold back the tears.

"It causes sadness, she was just starting and was much to young to have that happen to her," Elvia Barillas said in Spanish.

Fans also say the impact Rivera had was huge especially among women.

"Especially for us women, she had songs for men and she seemed like such a strong woman," said Angelica Hernandez said in Spanish. 

"She came into being as a woman and was such a great example for not only Latin women but for the entire world," said Barillas in Spanish.

And now her music may reach even more people.

Local music store owners say they haven't been able to keep up with the demand.

"I've sold all her CD's, people have coming looking but I don't have any left," said Brunilda Calixto in Spanish.

As for her impact, the California native may have born to Mexican immigrant parents and sung a majority of Mexican style ballads but was known and admired throughout Latin-America.

"Her launch pad was Puerto Rico and we're very sad she has left us, but in Puerto Rico her legacy will always live on," said Luis Raul Rodriguez Torres in Spanish.

Investigators say Rivera was on her way to Mexico City to tape the Mexican version of the popular television show "TheVoice".  They're still working to determine the cause of the plane of the crash.