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Mechanics offer tips for preparing cars for cold weather

Published On: Jan 17 2013 07:00:00 PM EST   Updated On: Jan 18 2013 06:18:19 PM EST

This weekend may be nice, but things are about to get chilly next week.


This weekend may be nice, but it will be downright cold next week.

When drivers get in their cars on a cold day, they hope they start start, however, when temperatures go from freezing to below freezing, the worst can sometimes happen.

Auto expert Steve Liptock, owner of Express Care and Lube in Sinking Spring, said there are many preparation that need to be done in order for vehicle to run smoothly.


"Make sure your defroster and wiper blades are in good working order," said Liptock. "Have your battery checked. You want to make sure your alternator is good for charging that."

Drivers should also check tire pressure on their vehicles. For every 10 degrees the temperature falls, you can lose one pound of air in your tires, Liptock said.

"Tire pressure is very important in the car not only for gas mileage, but for also the wear and the safety as far as traction on the vehicle," said Liptock.

Also, drivers need to check that there is sufficient antifreeze in the engine, too. Before traveling on the roads, it's recommended you warm up your car for at least two or three minutes. Beyond three minutes, Liptock said, drivers are wasting gas.

"Any car starting up after two-three minute period is more insufficient," said Liptock.