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Man charged after wild police chase in Bethlehem

Published On: Oct 31 2013 05:02:12 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 31 2013 11:28:48 PM EDT

Police pursuit


A Bethlehem man is behind bars and faces more than a dozen charges after police say he led them on a chase that put several lives in danger.

Police say the suspect, 20-year-old Carlos Rites, hit three cars and almost ran a woman over.

It all started at this intersection of East Third and Buchanan streets in Bethlehem around 8:30 Thursday morning.


A police officer who was monitoring traffic says he spotted 20 year old Carlos Rites fly by 'visually in excess of 70 miles per hour', that's when the officer pulled out and the chase began.

First, police say Rites drove through a road closure on Seneca St. and as he went to turn around he hit a parked car and also 'backed into the front of' the police cruiser.

Police say Rites continued fleeing down West 4th Street, running the red light at Wyandotte St. and just a few blocks down they say he lost control of his vehicle, ran into another car and almost ran someone over.

“I saw a car come flying through the light and the police was chasing him, he got me and then he went around and around and around, and every time he made another circle he hit another car,” says victim Dora Dominguez who was clipped by Rites' car.

Police say Rites still wasn't finished, after he hit a third car, he lost control again and finally came to a stop when he crashed into St. Bernard's private club at Broadway and Brodhead avenues.

Mary-Beth Pizza says she happened to be inside when it happened.

“I was just ready to take a cigarette break and all of a sudden I just heard this loud bang and I knew it sounded like a car as soon as I heard the sirens go off. I'm like 'uh oh, someone just hit the side of the building',” she said.

After crashing the car, police say Rites climbed out and tried to run away but it was too late.

Rites now faces a laundry list of charges, including resisting arrest, reckless driving and possession of paraphernalia.