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Local man trying out Google Glass

Published On: Oct 04 2013 06:16:49 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 05 2013 08:50:47 AM EDT

Alex Kalogeropoulos, 22, is seeing life from a different point of view these days.

Alex Kalogeropoulos, 22, is seeing life from a different point of view these days.

"It's really awesome to be able to have essentially a mini computer strapped to my head," he smiled.

The marketing and technology CEO is one of about 10,000 guinea pigs testing Google's new device called Glass.

"Google created this, and they have their own ideas about what consumers and people are going to want to use it for," Alex explained. "But they're really not going to know what people really want to do with it until they get it out in people's hands."

The technology isn't available to consumers yet, and Alex had to plunk down $1,500 to be a part of the Explorer Beta testers.

"I really like them, I use them a lot especially for taking pictures and videos."

Glass is worn like a normal pair of specs. Information is superimposed on your surroundings courtesy of a prism screen that sits just above one eye. Besides taking photos, users can make phone calls, record videos, send and receive email, even get directions and search the internet using touch and voice commands.

"Whenever I do get an email, for example, it will just chime and then I can look up or just tap the side and it will display the email," shared Alex. "I can have it read it to me or I can actually physically read it myself."

Sound is resonated to users through their skull bone rather than played into the ear.

"There's a piece right above my ear that is touching my skull, and it will vibrate the sound into my skull," said Alex.

Critics view Glass as an invasive new technology that could rob people of what few shreds of privacy they have left. Like all new technology, Glass does have some kinks that need to be worked out.

"It is a pretty small battery," Alex described. "I get usage probably anywhere between 4-8 hours."

But for Alex, the device has made life easier.

If you want glass for yourself, you may have to wait a bit. Google hasn't announced a final release date for the product.