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Lightning, thunder, hail end day that started with warmth

Published On: Apr 10 2013 08:00:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Apr 11 2013 05:40:12 AM EDT

Lightning, thunder, hail end day that started with warmth

Mother Nature put on quite the show Wednesday night.   

Some people say they sat back and watched, while others had to run for cover.    

Some people tell us they worried about their property getting damaged.


Everyone says it was an amazing show of force by Mother Nature.

When the hail started falling, people were doing all kinds of things.

"Beautiful day, sun was shining.  Went for afternoon dinner snack if you will," said Nathan Andres, from Bethlehem. "All of a sudden we got pelted with heavy rain and a bit of hail."

In fact people from all across the 69 News coverage area were sending in pictures of the storm.

From the amazing capture of horizontal lighting strikes in Bethlehem, to front yards covered with hail in Easton reminded some of winter.

"I was hoping my car didn't get damaged with the hail storm," said Jeff Lecompte, also from Bethlehem.  "You saw the hail --it was the size of marbles and as we looked to the south, I mean there was a five minute non-stop rumble of thunder." 

Other people sent in pictures of the marble-size hail, and one person even put it next to a quarter just to show the size of some precipitation.

"Obviously unusual and hopefully nobody got hit too hard," added Lecompte.

Some dealt with power outages.